Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Humble beginings

This was the first cake I ever made, ever. It was almost the cake that stopped me from ever making another cake again! I got the recipe from my friend who makes the best cakes. It was homemade carrot cake with butter cream frosting. I grated all the carrots myself, baked the cake, then when it came out of the oven (around 10pm the night before my daughters first birthday party) when I tried to get it out of the pan, some of it came out, and some of it stuck to the bottom of the pan. I was so upset, I put it all in the trash, ran the store for more carrots and started over. I think I finished around midnight, could have been later but I didn't have the heart to try and get it out of the pan again. I took it to my moms the next day and made her do it! It came out okay this time. Then came time to frost. My daughter was really into Elmo and Sesame Street at that age so that is why the cake is green and yellow (like the SS sign). I obviously had never frosted a cake before and the frosting was a little off in taste because I added one wrong ingredient. I was finding green frosting in my kitchen for months after that too! It was very stressful and not all that great tasting and took a lot of work so I vowed after that that I would never make another homemade cake again! I have to say though my daughter thoroughly enjoyed shoving her hands and face into it so I guess it was worth that!

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