Sunday, May 23, 2010

Daisy Cake

This was for an at home reception. The colors were sangria and white and she wanted daisies on the cake. The four tiers were all chocolate cake. The bottom tier had chocolate truffle with french vanilla buttercream (bc) filling with vanilla bc frosting and a layer of chocolate bc frosting over that. The next tier had peanut butter bc with chocolate bc frosting. The next tier had mocha bc filling with mocha bc frosting and a layer of chocolate ganach frosting over that. The last tier had chocolate Kahlua and chocolate Kahlua truffle filling with chocolate bc frosting and a layer of chocolate Kahlua truffle frosting over that. Lots of chocolate! All the outside work is fondant. I wasn't entirely happy with how this turned out from a design stand point but the bride loved it so that made me happy.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Emma's 7th birthday cake

Emma loves animals and this year she wanted a Cheetah on her cake! The cake was strawberry cake with lemon cheesecake filling. The strawberry cake recipe needs some adjustments but the filling was so good. The icing is all buttercream with royal icing accents.